I’m having trouble with the online ordering system

  • Sometimes new systems can take getting used to. Try these things to troubleshoot your order problem:
    • did you click on “Submit Order” which is the last screen after “continue to payment”? If not, go back to your order and complete the process
    • did you add Good Food Box as an etransfer contact in your banking program? Use payment@ogfb.ca as our email address
    • did you try to set us up as a bill payment? This won’t work! You must set us up as an etransfer recipient, see above
    • did you send an etransfer but not make an online order? Make sure you click on “Submit Order” so we can match your payment to your order
  • If you’re still having difficulty, send us an email at info@ogfb.ca and we’ll get in touch by email or telephone to make sure you don’t miss out on your order. 

Who can buy a Good Food box?

  • This is the great thing about the Good Food Box – anyone can buy a box!
  • It’s a buying club, the more orders placed, the better value you get!

Can I donate a box?

  • You sure can! If you’d like to purchase a box and have us donate it to someone who needs it, go ahead and place an order as usual.
  • When you place your order, click on the image for “Donate a Box”. Complete the checkout process as usual.   You’ll get a confirmation and payment email, and we’ll look after making sure your donation goes to someone who could really use it!
  • If you want your box to go to Brechin, Hawkestone or Cumberland Beach instead of Orillia, tell us in the order notes and your e-transfer notes, so we can direct it accordingly.
  • And finally, Thanks! 

What’s in the box?

  • Contents will vary by month. Whenever possible, our supplier will provide local, seasonal fruit and vegetables. Typically, there are 8 – 10 items in a Regular box, and a larger quantity of 6 – 8 items in a Snack box. Click here for pictures of recent box contents. 

What is the difference between a Regular Box and a Snack Box?

  • Regular boxes always have the basics:  Potatoes, onions, carrots and apples, plus a variety of 4 or 5 other vegetables and fruit.
  • Snack boxes are just that – typically a bag of apples, carrots, and a variety of other fruit and vegetables suitable for snacking as is. No cooking required. 

    Where does the produce come from?

    • All produce is purchased from the Ontario Food Terminal or local Ontario growers by SanFilippo Wholesale Produce in Collingwood. Visit their website for more information. www.sanfilippowholesale.ca

    How do I order? 

    • The easiest way to order is online! Go to our home page and place your order and pay by e-transfer. Done! Orders placed before the 7th of the month will be available that month. Late orders are deferred to the following month. 
    • First-time customers can also order a Good Food Box by visiting Information Orillia at 36 Mississaga St. W (in the library) Monday through Friday 10 am to 5 pm.
    • Orders are accepted in your own envelope with your exact payment. On the outside of the envelope, please
      • write your name, email address, phone number
      • write down the number and type of boxes ordered, and the amount enclosed ($18 per box)
    • Orders must be placed on or before the 7th of the month. See the calendar on our home page for dates. This applies to online orders too. 
    • You’ll get a phone call or email reminder a few days before pick up, to collect your Good Food Box at your location of choice on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. 
    • It’s a good idea to order a new box online the same day you pick up, so you won’t forget.
    • Some Orillia location customers re-order for the next month when they pick up their box. Again, bring exact change in an envelope with your order info on the outside. 
    • To order at any of our offsite locations, choose the pickup location from the online drop down menu. For more info, please use the contact information on our home page.

        Can I order online?

        • Yes! For customers who find it challenging to place their order in cash by the due date, just visit our “Orders” page and place your order online and pay by e-transfer.  How easy is that?

        What is the quality of the produce?

        • From its warehouse in Collingwood, Sanfilippo’s Produce has been providing fresh quality fruits, vegetables and specialty products to the Georgian Bay community for over 50 years. According to Domenic Sanfilippo, “Sanfilippo’s success is based on our TOTAL commitment to customer satisfaction. Our warehouse contains the freshest produce and vegetables, all hand-checked to ensure the highest quality.”

        What happens to leftover produce?

        • Just enough produce for Good Food Boxes is purchased each month based on customer orders. Occasionally, there may be a small surplus of items that are shipped by the case or by weight. Any excess produce is donated to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank.

        Can I donate some or all of my Good Food Box back?

        • Yes, you can! Any items you don’t want, or can’t use, or even your entire order, can be donated to a needy family through the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank. 

        How can I volunteer for the Good Food Box?

        • Send us an email at info@ogfb.ca letting us know how you’d like to be involved. 

          Can I get a refund?

          • Unfortunately, because all orders are prepaid to the supplier, refunds are not available. If you know before the ordering deadline, that you are unable to pick up your Good Food Box, you can ask us to defer your payment to next month. 

          What if I forget to order a box by the deadline?

          • That’s unfortunate, as we have to place our order several days before packing day and can’t add to the order once it goes to the supplier. Most customers order for next month when they pick up their box, to avoid this happening. 

          What if I forget to pick up my Good Food Box?

          • Our volunteers always try to contact you by phone or email before pick up day, as well as posting information on our Facebook page and website. We’ll even try to call you near the end of the pick up day period. If your day gets away from you and you forget to pick up, your Good Food Box will be donated to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank. 

          Can someone else pick up my Good Food Box?

          • Yes, that is possible. If you can’t make it, just send us an email at info@ogfb.ca telling us who will be picking up your box for you. 

          Does the program get cancelled in case of bad weather?

          • Unless the roads are closed by order of the authorities, we don’t cancel the Good Food Box program. We recognize that picking up your order can be a challenge, and we try to be flexible if you let us know you’ll be late due to weather. 

          Does the Good Food Box program make a profit? 

          • The Good Food Box is a not-for-profit organization. It is a charitable program run entirely by volunteers. 

          How does the produce get from the supplier to me?

          • Customers place their orders with their payment by the 7th of the month. The GFB team collates the customer orders and places the total order with our supplier within a day.
          • Our supplier determines what produce is purchased providing the best value possible for our customers. 
          • Produce is picked up by the supplier at the Food Terminal, counted and bagged as needed the day before our packing day, and shipped to our packing depots on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.
          • The fresh produce is packed into individual orders by a team of about 20 volunteers, ready for you to pick up between 10 am – 12 noon. Set up, packing, and clean up usually takes about 2 hours!